Pura Vida!

Sloth in Arenal

Hola mis amigos! It has been a while since we have posted, and we have good reason. I myself (Luke) have been in Costa Rica, and Alison has been in Hawaii (you will hear from her later). I posted on Instagram (@ourmindfuladventure) while I was away, which showed a snapshot of the beautiful country I was in. My comment was, “The PNW has a lot to offer, but so does Costa Rica.” Oh boy does it! Our blog was brought to life with the intent to discover the amazing PNW, but traveling abroad is an excellent way to see new landscapes, new ways of living, new ways of thinking, and dive into a new culture that may be instilled in you forever. With that, we do not want to pass up the opportunity to share our experiences in different parts of the world, near and far.  

Beaches of Tortugeuro

To start, you’re probably looking at the title of this post and asking yourself the question, “what does Pura Vida mean?”. Well, in spanish it literally means “pure life”. The words can be used as a greeting, as well as a send off comment. However, it means much more than meets the eye. Pura Vida is a mindset. Yes, it is a way to say pure life, life is good, and more, but it also symbolizes being in the moment. To sum up the locals responses, it embodies the ability to focus on what is good in life, what brings you joy, and to surround yourself by good energy and good vibes. After spending 12 days in Costa Rica, and interacting with the locals, I have created my own interpretation of these two words that have a powerful impact. In comparison to the common lifestyle in the states, where it is a hustle and bustle mentality, Pura Vida can mean slowing down and taking time to focus on who and what is around you. In essence, what can you draw from that will supply purity and positivity to your life in that moment. In doing so, you are able to develop your attitude and outlook in a positive manner. By having a positive attitude and outlook on life, others are then able to draw from the positive energy you exude. There are a multitude of negative forces trying to drag us down, but there are more positive forces acting to lift us up. If we can see past the negatives, then we are able to focus on the joys in life. To sum it all up, be in the moment, surround yourself by good energy, develop your positive outlook/attitude, and focus on the joys in life.

pura-vida-1-e1499967265481.jpegAlthough this is a shorter post, my goal is to portray the impact Costa Rica had on me, and offer a mindset seen in a different part of the world. I will be putting up another post that will go over where my family traveled, and all the fun activities we had the chance to partake in. Also, Alison will be composing a post regarding her experiences in Hawaii. Keep an eye out. Hope y’all have an amazing rest of your Thursday, and a spectacular weekend.

Pura Vida!

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